That AV Dude

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Just Who Is That AV Dude?

Self portrait of That AV Dude

That AV Dude (A.K.A. me) is a 30-something-year-old audio and videophile living in Marina, California who has decided to take my love of movies, music, television, games, technology, and pretty lights and sounds in general, into the public light. From when my mom let me play with her old Windows 95 machine to when I built my first gaming computer in 2004, to now, I’ve always had a deep love for tech. With the creation of this blog, I finally have a fun and easy way to share that silly passion with the world. So, I thought, why the hell not?! And here we are.

What Kinds Of Things Will You Find Here?

I will cover a wide breadth of topics here on this little blog.  We can talk about anything ranging from movies, television programs, games, and music to the hardware that allows us to enjoy them in our very own homes! Do you like reading about and discussing the fineries of music and movies? Do you also enjoy talking and reading about the specifics of television sets, audio-visual receivers, speakers and other playback hardware? What about gaming consoles and computers? Server hardware? If it’s tech, and you like it, then we’ll talk about it! Literally nothing that runs on electricity is technically off the table.

For now, most of the posts you’ll find are written with a few images. In the near future, I hope to start adding video content and a YouTube channel into the mix. So, if you’d rather watch a video over reading anything at all, then stick around for a bit. There are good things coming!

Want To Be A Published Content Creator? Inquire Within!

Want to contribute to the page? Well, I am always more than happy to accept guest posts and authors! Unfortunately, for now, any submitted work will be without pay. But, I’ll make sure to credit you as the author/creator and link to any personal site, channel, etc. that you may have. So, if you have a technology (hopefully AV-related, but not necessarily set in stone) story you want to share, feel free to send me an email at with “That AV Dude Content Creator” as the subject and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

Sharing is caring!